Jack Brindley


nous ad infinitum
Nous ad infinitum
'Nous ad Infinitum'
2009 300x300cm (acrylic on canvas, chrome eyelets)
Syntax Error
'Syntax Error - Ad Infinitum'
2009 120x120cm (acrylic on canvas)
Venn Truth

'Venn Truth'
2009 100x50cm (Emulsion, varnish on canvas, eyelets)

Jack Brindley
'London to New York via Black Mountain'
2009 Dimensions variable (recycled crate from London bassed gallery, strip light, drawings on papaer)
Jack Brindley
'London to New York via Black Mountain - a Proposal'
2009 A3 (pen and pencil on paper)
National Theater
'One size fits all'
2009 26x40cm (Oil on board, sand paper)
National Theater
'Phantom - an aesthetic of broken forms'
2009 26x40cm (Oil on board)
There are two types of clarity
'Phantom - there are two types of clarity'
2009 26x40cm (Oil on board)
National Theater
'Phantom - Lasdun'
2009 46x31cm (Oil on board)
Syntax error
'Syntax Error - after Bucky'
2009 A3 (Screen print)
Point, Line, Surface, Solid, Simulacrum
'Point, Line, Surface, Solid, Simulacrum'
2009 90x90cm (Stone effect paint on board, flourescent lights)